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Telkom School

School / 2018

Create an integrated and technology-based on school management tool.
Telkom Schools is a brand used for elementary and middle-level education institution under the Telkom Education Foundation (YPT). Telkom School's Brand previously called the Sandhy Telkom School. First inaugurated on 23 January 2014 by the Directorate General of Primary and secondary education of the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia (Director General Dikdasmen Kemendikbud RI), Prof. Dr Ir. Achmad Jazidie and the Board of Trustees and trustees of Yayasan Sandhykara Putra Telkom (YSPT), a foundation that oversees the school of Telkom Sandhy Putra before.



Project Director

M. Miftahul Huda, Bagus Suryawan

Developer Team

Halim Arumman, Zarkasyi Matiin, Achmad An'im

UI Design

Dicky Bismawan

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Telkom School needed to re-energize an industry-leading sales engagement platform and promote company culture. In a saturated, jargon-filled market, it was our first challenge to give this work-hard/play-hard team a stand-out brand makeover. But the real problem came in redesigning and developing a fluid website that could communicate how intuitive and rewarding their platform is to use — while capturing everything Telkom School offers.


Nearly every member of the team gives everything to this project, which required a long, expertly managed project timeline. Not only we build a whole new brand system to create content around. But also we got mega-strategic with information architecture to streamline content that had increased with their success. Every pixel, word, and a bit of code laid out with intention in collaborative review with the client.

Telkom Close Mockup
& UI-UX Design

The large marketing site needed intensive information re-architecture and content strategy, including defining target audience personas and user stories; feature examination, regrouping and redefinition; and revised page-level content strategy across the site. After re-engineering their entire sitemap and renaming existing features for user-friendliness, we crafted better stories through content flow, page structure, and copywriting. From content strategy to wireframes to page design, retaining the fluid simplicity of the product in visuals was vital. The lighthearted new brand system encouraged creative flourishes in UX/UI design, like gentle parallax and concentric line-work that mimics a rippling effect.

Wireframing was instrumental in gauging the needs for all 30+ unique page designs.


We developed the HTML, CSS, and Javascript in a manner that allowed for modularity and reuse, but was also easy to customize on a page-by-page basis. It created a front-end system that was simple to build on, enabling Outreach to add new pages and additional content into the future quickly. We also optimized for responsive situations. So, the material consumed on virtually any screen size or resolution—the backend built on Craft CMS, which we love for its versatility and intuitive interface. Because hiring passionate people who contribute diverse skill-sets is such a priority for Outreach. We integrated a 3rd party for applicant tracking system API into Craft to optimize the job board experience. As with many redesigns, we also diligently audited and migrated legacy content like blogs and other long-form editorial pieces into the new content management system. It was essential to affect Outreach's existing SEO rankings and states as little as possible.

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