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Balitbang Mockup
Litbang PU

Institution / 2020

Create a public information space about the Ministry of PUPR.
Website portal is for the Ministry of Public Works and Housing (PUPR) Research and Development Agency.


Web Application

Project Director

M. Miftahul Huda

Developer Team

Halim Arumman, Achmad An'im

UI Design

Dicky Bismawan

Balitbang Mockup

One of the difficulties of the Litbang PU website is redesigning the website's appearance and changing the website system administrator to Wordpress cms and implementing an integrated organizational structure with API.


We overcome these challenges by creating an organizational structure with existing data using OrgChart.

Balitbang Mockup
& UI-UX Design

Balitbang PU, has a B grade web performance with access loading speed more than the web in general. In addition to being intuitive with good UI / UX and neat interface design and structured website, management will add to the ease and convenience of use. Equipped with mobile-friendly, so it is easy and convenient to access whatever gadget you have. Balitbang PU also provided with search engine optimization.

Wireframing was instrumental in gauging the needs for all 30+ unique page designs.


Litbang PU built using the PHP programming language, Wordpress CMS, equipped with MySQL database.

Balitbang Landing Page