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Duitkas Mockup
Duit Kas

Product / 2017

Create Mobile Apps for finance activity management.
An application helps the record company, community, personal finances in planning, income, and an expense in a simple way.


Mobile Apps

Project Director

M. Miftahul Huda

Developer Team

Halim Arumman, Achmad An'im

UI Design


Duitkas Close Up Mockup

One of the difficulties of this product is adjusting the balance after the old transaction deleted.


We overcome these challenges by creating a function to track transactions after the transaction date has deleted so that the balance data before and after the purchase can be adjusted.

Duitkas Close Up Mockup
& UI-UX Design

DuitKas has a UI that is very comfortable in the eyes, so it is very comfortable to use for a long time. DuitKas also has a UX that is easy for users to understand and easy to operate. DuitKas has a mobile-friendly feature that supports the comfort and ease of accessing website/blog content via mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and other types of gadgets.

Typography plays an important role in measuring the level of readability for all 15+ elegant and unique fonts.


Duitkas built using the PHP programming language, Codeigniter framework, and has a MySQL database.

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